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Seattle Dental Study - Pacific Northwest Gnathologic Study Club
Masticatory Study in Seattle

We are the Pacific Northwest Gnathologic Study Club

 Gnathology - The science that studies and treats the biologics of the masticatory mechanism; that is, the morphology, anatomy, histology, physiology, pathology and the therapeutics of the oral organ, especially the jaws and the teeth and the vital relations of this organ to the rest of the body.  We are a group of dentists, who happen to be close friends, who share a dedication and a passion for helping our patients in the best way that we possibly can, through continuous education, dedication to excellence, and the belief that people deserve the very best that we can give them. Our study club has been meeting monthly in Seattle, since 1993.

Our original mentor, Dr. Olin Loomis, instilled the values that he practiced for over 40 years, in us, and we will always be indebted to him. Our current mentor, Dr. Nishikawa, is equally committed to sharing his time and knowledge with us, as he has been with students for over 30 years.

The members of the Pacific Northwest Gnathologic Study Club are leaders and are active in the following Academies.